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5415LOTR on DVD

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  • David S. Bratman
    Feb 27, 2002
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      From rec.arts.sf.fandom, courtesy of Berni:

      "Dan Kimmel" <dan.kimmel@...> writes:
      > I don't know if this has been posted -- since I have *not* been reading
      > of the LOTR threads -- but a friend in the video business said that New
      > is going to "double dip" with the video release of "Fellowship of the
      > First, in August, there will be the standard release of the film. You
      > be sorely tempted to rush out and buy it and watch it over and over and
      > over. But resist!
      > At the end of the year, around the time "The Two Towers" is being
      > there will be a "special edition" which will not only include a
      >half-hour of
      > additional footage, but *several* hours of behind the scenes documentary
      > about the making of the film. He said it will be a four disk edition.

      No word on whether the 4-disc edition will contain info to enable one to
      re-create the theatrical cut, which I'd want to do for my film/book
      comparison paper.

      David Bratman