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541Re: Harry Potter Slams Narnia

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    Aug 6, 1999
      The NPR reporter was TR Reed; I, too, caught the snide comment directed at the
      Narnia books. And like Bernie, I remember the Brighty books--as well as a variety
      of poor readers. I would have loved the Narnia books if I'd known about them


      Berni Phillips wrote:

      > From: Berni Phillips <bernip@...>
      > Stolzi@... wrote:
      > > Well, not really, but I was bummed by this msg I got today:
      > >
      > > <<The NPR report ended with the WPost correspondent in England saying
      > > something like, "These books are so wonderful and so full of magic. They're
      > > so much better than those books we all had to read when we were children,
      > > like those old Narnia books.">>
      > >
      > > Mary S
      > Whoever wrote that was lucky he got Narnia to read. It seemed like
      > every elementary school teacher I had wanted to read us _Brighty of the
      > Grand Canyon_ (a book about a mule) over and over again. I love
      > animals, but I'm not particularly keen on animal stories.
      > Berni
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