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  • Janet Croft
    Feb 27, 2002
      How about Terry Pratchett's The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents in
      the children's category? While it IS a Discworld novel, it's a stand-alone
      one -- it doesn't tie in with any of the sub-series, like the Witches series
      or the Death series, and it's really quite excellent. Rats creating their
      own mythos -- now there's an interesting concept!

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      From: David Lenander [mailto:d-lena@...]
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      Subject: [mythsoc] Mythopoeic Awards

      Thursday is the deadline for nominating books for the Mythopoeic Awards.
      I don't plan to nominate Gaiman's _American Gods_ or Tim Powers' _Declare_,
      though I expect that someone or some several will do so. But besides the
      new Le Guin books, I'm having trouble thinking of adult candidates, even
      though I have a sense that I've read more new books in the past year than
      usual. If you've read any books from 2001 that might be considered
      candidates, but don't plan to nominate them yourself, why
      don't you respond to this list and suggest the titles? Even if you've not
      actually read something by a reliable author, or about which you've heard
      good things, can you mention some interesting titles to job my memory?
      Among children's books, I can think of Claire's recommendation of Nancy
      Springer's _Rowan Hood_, _Lirael_ by Garth Nix (what a terrific read!
      Although it's rather obviously an in-between book, so it might be
      disqualified until the sequel appears. It is a sequel to
      _Sabriel_, which was not so obviously part of a sequence), _The Ghost
      Sitter_ by Pene Griffin, Diane Duane's _Wizard's Dilemma_ (I haven't read
      the latter, but read some positive reviews). More suggestions would still
      be welcome. Is there a new McKillip book in 2001??

      Also don't neglect non-fiction, that devoted to the Inklings or to general
      fantasy or mythic studies. I'm sure that some of the recent books we've
      mentioned here, like _Tolkien's Legendarium_, and _JRRT and His Literary
      Resonances_, or the _Oxford Companion to Fairy Tales_ --or whatever Jack
      Zipes' latest book is--will be on the final lists. In this case, of course,
      books published over the past three years are eligible: 1999, 2000 and

      David Lenander,

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