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  • Tom & Maria T
    Jan 5, 1999
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      Sorry this response is days late. To answer your question about where
      Weston is: it is a small town, approximately 25 miles s.w. of Toledo.
      No, I haven't read "Arm of the Stone", but will put it on my new reading
      list, with Charles De Lint.
      My reading this year has been classic works: for example, All Hallows'
      Eves, and Williams' book about the Grail (which, curiously, is the only good
      book I can never remember the name of). To be able to talk, I'm going to
      have to catch up.
      Happy New Year!
      Maria Tatham, Weston, OH
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      From: Diane Baker <dianejoy@...>
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      Date: Friday, January 01, 1999 1:12 PM
      Subject: [mythsoc] Re: ???

      >From: Diane Baker <dianejoy@...>
      >Tom & Maria T wrote:
      >> Hi, Diane,
      >> Got January 1999 "Mythprint" monthly bulletin yesterday. Pg. 4 states
      >> all society members are invited to discuss Mythopoeic Award
      >> nominations. Do you have a favorite 1998 work, fiction or
      >> non-fiction? I guess that's where we're encouraged to begin. Am not
      >> current with new Sf and fantasy books. I took the new Legends book
      >> out of our village library. Couldn't get interested as several of
      >> these stories were continuations of sagas I hadn't read, and since it
      >> was a new book, only had a short time. My interest is in stories that
      >> begin with the real world, and take off from there, such as, Lewis's
      >> Trilogy. Is there anything good in 1998 that blends reality and
      >> fantasy?
      >> Maria Tatham, Weston, OH, USA
      >Hello from a fellow Ohioan! Thought I'd drop you a line on line and ask
      >where you are in relation to Cincinnati. Been trying to put together a
      >Mythie group in the local area. As for your question, I can't really
      >think of anything that begins and ends in the real world. I'd like to
      >nominate *Arm of the Stone* for the MFA. Have you read it? ---djb.
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