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  • Stolzi@xxx.xxx
    Aug 3, 1999
      Mythcon attendees Don Williams, Ruby Dunlap, self and husband Conrad, took an
      extra day going home to break the journey and to go and see the Wade, which
      some of us had not seen before.

      I enjoyed seeing signatures of so many Mythies from last year's Con in the
      guestbook. And of course fell for two Chesterton books that were selling at
      rock bottom remainder prices... and Ruby bought a Geo MacDonald reprint, also
      reduced in price.

      I found in the researchers room a 12 volume Oxford English Dictionary. Since
      I'd heard that "hobbit" has made it into the OED, I thought I would look it
      up. This edition was too early for that; it may be in the Wade because it's
      the one Tolkien himself worked on. However, I was fascinated to find that it
      =did= have a definition of "hobbits: n. A variant of =howitzer=."

      Fire your hobbits, men! Or, come up with a theory that it was seeing THIS
      in the dictionary that inspired JRRT :)

      Mary S