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  • Kevin Grant
    Nov 23, 1998
      Hi! I'm Kevin Grant - a Graduate student up in Canada, studying for
      the Baptist ministry. I did my Honours thesis on The Silmarillion and
      On Fairy Stories; and I'm also a big fan of CS Lewis. I'm also fairly
      busy with studies, but look forward to contributing to the list.

      have a great day everyone!

      Subject: [mythsoc] Hi There!

      From: Lisa Deutsch Harrigan <lisa@...>

      Hello -

      I was wondering who else has signed up on the list so far. I saw that
      has put the sign up information on the Web Site.

      Mythically yours,


      Lisa Deutsch Harrigan * Treasurer, The Mythopoeic Society
      lisa@... * Treasurer, South Bay Costumers Guild
      * Treasurer to Fandom
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      C.S. Lewis, Charles Williams, and other Fantasy writers.
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