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498Re: LOTR, a whine for Matt

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  • WendellWag@xxx.xxx
    Jul 26, 1999
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      In a message dated 7/26/99 8:53:34 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
      sschaper@... writes:

      > I was just thinking about how many areas were roughly modeled on
      > areas on England, esp., if I remember correctly, the West Midlands.
      > There are certain types of hills or 'down's that they have in England.
      > I'm not sure they have them anywhere else.

      O.K., there's several problems here. "West Midlands" is a county in England,
      and it consists of Birmingham and its suburbs. There's nothing wrong with
      Birmingham (after all, it's where Tolkien lived from age 4 to age 18), but
      there's little there that looks like Middle Earth. The term "downs" is
      usually applied not so much to the Midlands as to Southeast England. It
      means treeless, undulating chalk uplands of the sort used for pasture. I
      don't know if there is anything comparable to it in New Zealand. Is anyone
      here an expert on New Zealand geography?

      There's some very pretty patchwork-quilt sorts of landscape (like some of
      Tolkien's own illustrations of his books) in the Midlands of England. You'd
      have to point your camera carefully to avoid any signs of modernity, but in a
      sense it looks like Middle Earth, I guess.

      Wendell Wagner
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