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497Re: LOTR, a whine for Matt

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  • David Lenander
    Jul 26, 1999
      Responding to the message of <v04210103b3c28ba7aeb4@[]>
      from mythsoc@onelist.com:
      > From: Steve Schaper <sschaper@...>
      [. . . .]
      > BTW, I have only received one copy of Mythlore since re-upping last
      > fall. Ought that to be?
      > --Steve

      Well, I wouldn't have put it quite the way that Berni did, and I will observe
      that Glen managed 4 issues per year for some years, however, the next issue has
      been "95%-complete" since last November. I don't think we're going to see it at
      Mythcon. The Council is expected to proceed with an issue maybe this fall,
      under the new editor, Ted Sherman. IF he is elected in the fall election, we
      expect to see a return to regular Mythlores within a year or so. I would guess
      that we'll see at least a couple of issues next year, and possibly as many as
      4--unless it remains a tri-quarterly, in which case, 3 would be the maximum.
      Unless Glen's final issue comes out somewhere during that year....

      In the meantime, please note that Mythprint comes out every month, usually in
      advance of the cover month, like clockwork, ever since Ellie Farrell took
      over--hm, was it 3 years ago, now?

      David Lenander
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