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  • David S. Bratman
    Jan 9, 2002
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      Selected Tolkien-related items from the January issue of Ansible, the
      science-fiction fan newsletter. (Full text at www.ansible.co.uk). Any

      >MIKE MOORCOCK, like everyone else except your editor, went to the movies:
      >`I actually saw _Lord of the Rings_ (en famille -- that is, the nieces
      >and in-laws watched, Linda snored gently through most of it, to wake up
      >occasionally to utter a snort of irritation, and I had to leave twice in
      >spite of me bad legs, just to get away from the boredom. Wow). Okay, Mr
      >Langford, ask your readers this -- since Prof Tolkien pooh-poohed most
      >science fiction for not being logical in its world-building, especially
      >its languages, of course, and since he swore that this was not a post-
      >holocaust fantasy, how come these early industrial revolution kulaks,
      >with sophisticated metal working skills, gunpowder, focussing lenses and
      >advanced printing methods, couldn't make one simple fucking cannon and
      >blow the bad guys off their keeps in a trice? Jesus, they could put an
      >intercontinental ballistic missile together with the resources I spotted
      >in hobbitville without even thinking about it, since my eye kept
      >wandering off the leprechauns and wizards. [...] It's the last fucking
      >unicorn opera I watch in a long while. Frankly, _Star Wars_ was a lot
      >more convincing and I thought that was crap, too.'
      >RANDOM FANDOM. _Paul Rood_ spied on a
      >celebrity signing tour: `_Random Shopper 1_, spotting all the signs and
      >the big queue snaking around the block: "Terry Pratchett? Who's he,
      >then?" _Random Shopper 2:_ "Oh, you know, he's quite famous -- he's the
      >guy who wrote _The Hobbit_".'
      >QUOTABLE. Terry Pratchett updated an old saying while appearing on the
      >_South Bank Show_: `At 17, if you don't think _Lord of The Rings_ is the
      >greatest contribution to literature there's something wrong with your
      >head. If you still think that at 50, there's definitely something wrong
      >with your head.'
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