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4933Re: Smeagol and Deagol

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  • michael_martinez2
    Jan 6, 2002
      --- In mythsoc@y..., Mark Harris <mark_r_harris@y...> wrote:
      > This flash of empathy, crucial for the epic and its
      > moral underpinning, has at least a partial basis in
      > kinship. Is Jackson going to make it clear that Gollum
      > is in fact a degraded hobbit? Gollum's exercise of his
      > moral agency, "for good and ill", as Gandalf puts it,
      > rests upon these facts, but so far there is little
      > indication that Jackson is going to treat him as
      > anything but another monster.

      I'm not defending Peter's changes to the story, but I'm not sure
      Gollum will be treated as just another monster. Peter has certainly
      riddled Middle-earth with monsters, but why would he leave in the
      dialogue where Gandalf tells Frodo that pity stayed Bilbo's hand,
      when he had the chance to kill Gollum?

      I think Peter intends to explore Gollum's character, and though it
      may not be as good a portrayal as that in the book, it's a given that
      much of what appears in the book cannot be translated to the big
      screen so easily anyway.
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