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4931Re: Peter Jackson's Two Towers

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  • michael_martinez2
    Jan 6, 2002
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      --- In mythsoc@y..., "mark_r_harris" <mark_r_harris@y...> wrote:
      > Advantage Bill on this one. I checked the official LOTR movie
      > website, which I hadn't looked at in months, and ascertained that
      > there are actors listed for all those characters except Treebeard,
      > whom I assume will be computer-generated. All the additional actors
      > were *not* listed at the Internet Movie Database, which is
      > generally a highly accurate source for information on upcoming
      > movies; hence my lack of faith that the characters would appear. I
      > quite agree that they are an intricate part of the plot, which is
      > why I worried about them being cut. So I stand corrected, happily.

      IMDB is just a glorified rumor mill that gets its information from
      visitor contributions, with occasional editorial correction or input.

      Treebeard will be in the movie. John Rhys-Davies is doing his voice.

      Apparently, the weekend before Christmas, Peter told reporters that
      more screen time would be devoted to "the king and his son" (as some
      reports put it). I have since seen conflicting explanations/reports
      which state that more time will be given to Denethor and Faramir
      (only Faramir appears in the second book) or to Theoden and Eomer.

      It appears that the biggest change will occur with Arwen. It remains
      to be scene whether her part in the movie -- as filmed -- makes the
      cut, but there are screen captures of her in Lothlorien with
      Galadriel and Celeborn on some Web sites. She also reportedly leads
      a company of Elves to Rohan with Haldir of Lothlorien.

      On the other hand, Ian McKellen said that she will not appear in
      Rohan before her marriage to Aragorn. But then, he also said (last
      year) that there would be no prologue to the movie, and he had to
      retract that claim in late November or early December, after he
      finally saw the movie for the first time.
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