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4921Re: [mythsoc] Second edition of _The Silmarillion_?

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  • Ginger L. Zabel
    Jan 5, 2002
      I have this edition... A letter by JRR to Milton Waldman in 1951 is added
      at the beginning. Also, here is the last paragraph of Christopher
      Tolkien's Preface to the Second Edition (dated 1999).

      "I have removed a number of errors in the text and index which until now
      have escaped correction in the hardback printings (only) of "The
      Silmarillion". Chief among these are those that concern the numbering in
      sequence of certain of the rulers of Numenor (for these errors and an
      explanation of how they arose see "Unfinished Tales" (1980), p.226, note
      11, and "The Peoples of Middle-earth" (1996), p.154, *31)."


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