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4917Re: Mythopoeic Awards

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  • jchristopher@tarleton.edu
    Jan 5, 2002
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      I've run across a couple of books recently which might be considered in
      different categories for Mythopoeic Awards. I've recently started on Mike
      Ashley's _Algernon Blackwood: An Extraordinary Life_ (New York: Carroll and
      Graft, 2001), and on the basis of the first five chapters recommend it.
      Ashley seems to have done an excellent job of tracing Blackwood's life; so
      far Blackwood has not yet started writing his supernatural fiction, but
      he's joined the Theosophical Society and had a few of the experiences he
      later worked into stories.

      The other book, a novel, is Deborah Crombie's _A Finer End_ (New York:
      Bantom Books, 2001). This is part of a police series laid in England (of
      which I've read none of the others), but this episode is in Glastonbury
      with supernatural aspects and chapter epigraphs often from Dion Fortune.
      I'm sure C. S. Lewis would not have been pleased with the depiction of a
      female priest in the Church of England who is having an affair (and
      rationalizes it)--she's one of the good characters in the novel--but the
      book is a Grail Quest of an odd sort and quite interesting, I think. (The
      last time I recommended a novel, it didn't make it to the list, so what do
      I know? Nevertheless, I think this is an interesting book on the Williams
      side on our spectrum.)

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