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4909Re: Peter Jackson's Two Towers

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  • mark_r_harris
    Jan 5, 2002
      Bill wrote:

      > As to Two Towers, I expext all the chars you mentioned will
      > be present.
      > Perhaps not as fully realized as in the book, but
      > since they
      > are such an intricate part of the plot, I can't imagine they
      > will be left out.

      Advantage Bill on this one. I checked the official LOTR movie
      website, which I hadn't looked at in months, and ascertained that
      there are actors listed for all those characters except Treebeard,
      whom I assume will be computer-generated. All the additional actors
      were *not* listed at the Internet Movie Database, which is generally
      a highly accurate source for information on upcoming movies; hence my
      lack of faith that the characters would appear. I quite agree that
      they are an intricate part of the plot, which is why I worried about
      them being cut. So I stand corrected, happily.

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