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490LOTR, a whine for Matt

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  • Stolzi@xxx.xxx
    Jul 26, 1999
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      In a message dated 7/26/99 12:21:34 PM Central Daylight Time,
      mwinslow@... writes:

      > (wondering if Jim Carey as Gollum would actually be an improvement at this
      > point)

      I must say I had a problem when I heard the scuttlebutt that Gollum would be
      an entirely "synthetic" character. Can that really be true? Imho, nothing
      beats reality.

      (Yes, there's a convincing mechanical person in Star Wars - R2D2. But his
      whole "shtick" is his funny, mechanical little voice. If you think about
      it, C3PO is decidedly a person - because there IS a person inside that suit.)
      What I have seen of the new plastic people, eg in the currently running SW
      movie, leaves me totally cold.

      Besides, I have seen Gollum acted in a live theatre production, and acted
      (and made up) =extremely= well.

      It's like Fuller's title, "Books with men behind them." I want to see
      Characters with men (or women, or children) behind them.

      And when they say that Gollum is the "only" synthetic character, it raises
      further questions, eg who could possibly act the Balrog? I'd rather see
      synthetic Ringwraiths and synthetic "The Eye" (only rare glimpses, =please=!
      ~~Shudder~~) and synthetic Balrog, than a synthetic Gollum.

      Incidentally, I hope they hire at least one real live Mumak, so that we, like
      Sam, will not be disappointed :)

      Of course, I had a post from our son saying that Macaulay Culkin was a
      shoo-in for the Balrog, but that it's "a tossup between Jack Valenti and
      Hillary Clinton as Sauron."

      Mary S
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