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4370RE: RE: [mythsoc] Re: Ian McKellen Q&A

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  • Ginger L. Zabel
    Nov 28, 2001
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      --On Wednesday, November 28, 2001, 11:42 AM -0500 "dianejoy@..."
      <dianejoy@...> wrote:

      > << Nor am I sure that Ian McKellen's approach is necessarily the wiser
      > one. You cannot act Gandalf's age, origin, and majesty, he says; so act
      > his human side and complain about his bones aching. This approach has its
      > points, but also its problems.
      > << First, Gandalf in the book doesn't complain about his bones aching.
      > Rather than humanizing Gandalf, this turns him into a different character
      > than the one Tolkien invented - one who takes the risk of becoming
      > _merely_ a querulous old man. >>
      > Given that Gandalf is who he is, he would not complain about his aching
      > bones. I agree with you on this point; does he actually add such
      > comments into the script? I hope not!

      Is the tune to "Jesus Christ Superstar" running through the minds of anyone
      else here?

      Ginger L. Zabel

      "To be ignorant is not such a shame as to be unwilling to learn." - G. W.
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