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4205Re: [mythsoc] Time (P)Review of Harry Potter

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  • Wayne G. Hammond
    Nov 4, 2001
      Ted Sherman wrote:

      >FYI. http://www.time.com/time/2001/harrypotter/story.html

      Thanks, Ted, that's another good article on Harry Potter. In turn I can
      recommend, on Harry Potter but also on a broader topic, the article
      "Imagine That" by Louise Kennedy, in today's (Sunday) _Boston Globe_,
      subtitled "Can private visions of beloved fantasy characters survive when
      the movies take over?" It's online at
      http://www.boston.com/dailyglobe2/308/living/Imagine_that+.shtml. At the
      end (apropos of your earlier post) it mentions that Madeleine l'Engle long
      refused to sell the film rights for _A Wrinkle in Time_ because she
      disagreed with the standard contract which permitted "change of theme and
      character", but after forty years she decided that it was time to let it
      go. I too saw the trailer on the _Spy Kids_ video, was rather surprised to
      find it there, and look forward to the miniseries, though not without a
      fear that it will be "updated" to excess. The house and other sets look
      good; I'm most worried about the portrayal of Charles Wallace, which will
      be very difficult to do well. Of course it's unfair to judge the whole
      thing by a trailer.

      Wayne Hammond
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