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4055Re: [mythsoc] LOTR covers (was Beach Boys)

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  • David S. Bratman
    Oct 2, 2001
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      The LOTR paperbacks (Ballantine) with Tolkien's artwork on the cover
      succeeded the original garish Barbara Remington ones. They were the
      standard printings for much of the 1970s, and are easily recognizable, even
      if you don't know Tolkien's art, for looking utterly unlike what usually
      passes for genre fantasy paperback cover art these days. For one thing,
      they're anything but garish, but are muted scenes in browns and
      greens. And except for a couple tiny figures on H and TT, they are purely
      landscapes with no people (Tolkien didn't think he could draw people). On
      each book, the author and title are on white in the upper panel, with the
      art below.

      H has a great treescape with the barrels floating down the river towards
      Laketown; FR has a pastoral scene of Hobbiton and the Hill; TT has a thick
      forest (originally intended as the Forest of Neldoreth, I recall, but
      relabeled Fangorn by Tolkien at one point), and RK has the lower levels of
      Barad-dur with Mount Doom in the distance. These are all also in _Pictures
      by J.R.R. Tolkien_, and I think they're also in _Artist & Illustrator_
      though I don't have time right now to check.

      David Bratman
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