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3885RE: [mythsoc] Re: Myth and religion in LOTR

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  • Janet Croft
    Sep 7, 2001
      One article that mentions some of the critics who dismiss Tolkien as poorly
      written is "Kicking the Hobbit" by Chris Mooney in "The American Prospect"
      (http://www.prospect.org/print/V12/10/mooney-c.html). Edmind Wilson's "Ooh,
      Those Awful Orcs" is the classic of early Tolkien-bashing, if you will.
      Germaine Greer recently said "the bad dream has materialized" when she heard
      Tolkien declared Author of the Century in several polls; Mooney references
      her article. And Harold Bloom's introductions to two collections of Tolkien
      criticism seem rather nasty, if the phrases Mooney quotes are any
      indication. (I expected better from Bloom, the great Shakespeare worshipper,
      than to dismiss someone who wrote for the popular reader so lightly.)

      And an article on religion in Tolkien that Grace might find worthwhile is
      "Everyclod and Everyhero: The Image of Man in Tolkien" by Deborah Rogers,
      reprinted in A Tolkien Compass by Jared Lobdell. Parallels to Adam and
      Christ in various characters; I only have excerpts here in my office, so I
      don't know how relevant the whole article is.

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      I would look at two books by Joseph Pearce:

      Tolkien: Man and Myth, Joesph Pearce, 257 pages, Ignatius, ISBN:

      Tolkien: Celebration, Joseph Pearce (Ed), Trafalgar Square, ISBN:

      The second has some essays that address your subject to some extent. I
      enjoyed both of them.


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