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3881Re: Fw: Shot From the Canon

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  • Michael Martinez
    Sep 7, 2001
      --- In mythsoc@y..., "Ted Sherman" <tedsherman@h...> wrote:
      > From the current Chronicle of Higher Education.

      I know many academics. A lot of them are aware of Tolkien and love
      him. I don't know of any who fall into the category of anti-
      Tolkienists that these familiar (and well-respected) names refer to
      in the generic sense.

      For once, I'd like to see a roundup article of the other side. We
      have people like Chris Mooney running around pretending Tolkien is
      worth beating up on, but why can't the media find the academics who
      turn their noses up at Tolkien?

      Can anyone suggest a recent article from the last 4-5 years where
      several of the anti-Tolkienists are cited?

      Preferably one online, but I need to find out where Houston hides its
      libraries anyway.
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