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  • WendellWag@aol.com
    Aug 30, 2001
      In a message dated 8/30/01 1:37:40 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
      michael@... writes:

      > I guess the business person would have to be local to the venue, so
      > as to be available for meetings and contract disputes/negotiations.
      > Are the mythcons usually held at universities? I thought that was
      > where they tended to be, but haven't had time to look into the past
      > venues.

      The business person (who's usually called on con committees just the
      treasurer) doesn't have to be local. He might have to come to the con site
      for a couple of meetings, but even that is not absolutely necessary.
      Usually, there's a separate person referred to as the site liaison who does
      the talking to the people who work at the site (the university or hotel or
      whatever) who does whatever negotiating of the contract is necessary. The
      treasurer needs accounting skills; the site liaison needs negotiating skills.
      One further sort of financial-type help you'll probably need is that as soon
      as you get the contract from the site you'll want to have a lawyer look at
      it. It'll cost you $50 to $100, but it's worth it. Our con committee went
      to a lawyer here who's a science fiction fan who's been to a lot of cons and
      who knows all the formal and informal legal things that relate to cons trying
      to get a good contract.

      Here's a list of all the previous Mythcons:


      As you can see, most of them were held at universities, but we've also used
      conference centers, hotels, and even a military recreation camp.

      Wendell Wagner

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