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  • Michael Martinez
    Aug 10, 2001
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      --- In mythsoc@y..., "Trudy Shaw" <tgshaw@e...> wrote:

      > That's something I've always kind of wondered about--if Elves are
      > immortal, do they reach a certain apparent age and then
      > stop "aging," or do they age continuously but very slowly?

      As with so many aspects of Middle-earth, Tolkien changed his mind on
      the physical appearance of Elves. Hence, we have bearded and ancient
      Cirdan greeting the departees at Mithlond and in the last year of his
      life he writes a note saying that the beardlessness of Elves was a
      trait inherited by the Lords of Dol Amroth who were descended from

      In the book, both Galadriel and Arwen have the appearance of young

      The hardest characterization for the actors will probably be Frodo.
      His character undergoes a tremendous stress and change, and he may
      seem very young but he is (in the book) a very mature Hobbit. I
      can't recall when or if anyone has ever gotten an Oscar nomination
      for a fantasy movie performance, but they may have a couple of
      candidates come out of these movies simply because of the demands of
      the roles.
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