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  • Trudy Shaw
    Aug 10, 2001
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      It seems to me that all the parts were cast too young. I had thought that
      Galadriel should be played by some 50-ish bombshell actress - Susan Sarandon,
      Catherine Deneuve, Francesca Annis, or some such. Having her played by the
      30-to 31-year-old (as of the time of the filming) Cate Blanchett is weird.

      Wendell Wagner

      That's something I've always kind of wondered about--if Elves are immortal, do they reach a certain apparent age and then stop "aging," or do they age continuously but very slowly? Would Galadriel and Arwen look like sisters, even though they're two generations apart, or would it be obvious that Galadriel is the grandmother? Is there any evidence one way or the other? Since I've never been able to figure this out, I guess I haven't worried too much about the apparent age of the people being cast as Elves. I have to say the movie's Galadriel is very much as I've pictured her; the hair is perfect (to my imagined version) and _I want that dress_ from the mirror scene.

      The only age issue I was originally concerned about was casting someone as Pippin who's about 8-10 years older than the actors playing the other hobbits. But in the stills I've seen so far, it seems to work--he's got a "young face"--so I'm still giving the benefit of the doubt on that one. I've never seen Billy Boyd act, so as of now all I can go on is the "look."


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