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3756Re: [mythsoc] Directions to Mythcon

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  • Stolzi@aol.com
    Aug 1, 2001
      I just called one of the shuttle companies,

      BayPorter Express at 510 864 4000

      We are coming into Oakland Airport on Delta 1521 scheduled arr at 11.45
      Pacific time, and leaving on their (green, she tells me) van as soon as we
      get in, get our luggage, and decide whether to eat lunch there or not (our
      planes offer only "snack" - grrr!)

      I just mention this because (a) BayPorter does work, I find and (b) perhaps
      someone else will be around and want to ride with us. Not Wendell of course
      as he is coming into SF Airport. The price she gave seemed reasonable.

      Have not made return reserv for Monday yet; perhaps a group of us will want
      to go together, but we (Con and I) must leave the campus fairly early as our
      plane departs Oakland at 12.46 pm.

      Mary S
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