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3676RE: Re: [mythsoc] Fwd: Hornbook editorial on McNarnia

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  • dianejoy@earthlink.net
    Jul 12, 2001
      Original Message:
      From: David S. Bratman dbratman@...
      Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2001 16:50:35 -0700
      To: mythsoc@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: Re: [mythsoc] Fwd: Hornbook editorial on McNarnia

      At 04:09 PM 7/11/2001 , Roger Sutton of Horn Book wrote:

      >HarperCollins is dangling
      >the names of such writers as Diana Wynne Jones and Geraldine McCaughrean,
      >but this would be but meretriciousness piled upon artistic fraud.)

      In the July 2001 issue of _Ansible_, Dave Langford wrote:

      >Diana Wynne Jones denies -- 'not roundly, but with Spikes. And grace notes,
      >most of them obscene' -- that she has any intention whatever of writing, now
      >or ever, anything even slightly resembling an eighth Narnia book, no matter
      >what it may say in The Independent.

      Which is to correct not Sutton, but HarperCollins. Excellent article, by
      the way. Thanks for bringing it up, Mary.

      - David Bratman

      Somehow, I figured Diana Wynn Jones would have more sense than to write a new Narnia. After all, anyone who could come up with *The Tough Guide to Fantasyland* . . . I'd love to read the letter of refusal she must have sent HarperCollins! Mine would have to have been written on asbestos-laced paper. ---djb.

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