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3663Re: [mythsoc] Re: ANDY SERKIS TALKS GOLLUM

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  • Margaret Dean
    Jul 11, 2001
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      "David J. Finnamore" wrote:
      > --- In mythsoc@y..., Joan Marie Verba <verba001@t...> wrote:
      > > Regarding his intepretation of the part, Serkis says that he is
      > > playing Gollum as a "ring junkie, complete with withdrawal
      > > symptoms." Serkis adds, "When you are playing such an extreme
      > > character, you have to root it in something the audience can
      > > identify with."
      > So he thinks Tolkien fans (or family movie goers, or both) are
      > druggies?

      Maybe he's actually read Tom Shippey. :) Or, more
      interestingly, independently picked up on that same aspect of
      Gollum's character that Shippey did (in THE ROAD TO

      If so, I suspect "identify with" should be interpreted more as
      "be familiar with, as an image/character type."

      --Margaret Dean
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