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3590Re: Article on Tolkien in _Salon_

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  • Michael Martinez
    Jun 11, 2001
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      --- In mythsoc@y..., "David S. Bratman" <dbratman@s...> wrote:
      > Michael Martinez -
      > It's too difficult to try to make two superficially contradictory
      > points at the same time: that the media is wrong in claiming that
      > Tolkien fans form a Tolkien cult, and that there is in fact such a
      > thing as a Tolkien cult. So I basically give up. Most of the
      > places where you're puzzled by what I write result from confusion
      > between these points.


      Your penchant for reinventing history is the chief cause of your
      frustration. If you would not reword everything I say (especially in
      such a misleading fashion), you'd find it easier to communicate with
      me, not to mention understand what I write, since you wouldn't be
      scoping out what you try to write for me.

      Try being less hostile, antagonistic, and condescending toward others
      and you'll find you'll get a better response from people who don't
      believe your sweeping generalizations.
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