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3574Re: Re: [mythsoc] Re: Article on Tolkien in _Salon_

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  • alexeik@aol.com
    Jun 9, 2001
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      In a message dated 6/9/1 12:45:07 PM, Trudy Shaw wrote:

      <<It's being energized by the movies, but it already exists. Check out the
      message boards. The "cultists" are generally about 13-20 years old. >>

      And there's been a Tolkien "cult" (fully justifying the word) in Russia for
      some time. Perhaps because they've been starved of imaginative or
      metaphysically concerned literature for so long, the response of Russian fans
      to Tolkien is more intense in its passion and make-believe than anything seen
      in the West since the late '60's.
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