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3567Re: [mythsoc] Re: Article on Tolkien in _Salon_

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  • Trudy Shaw
    Jun 9, 2001
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      Subject: [mythsoc] Re: Article on Tolkien in _Salon_

      On the other hand, who am I to say that people shouldn't enjoy
      defending Tolkien. There are people who enjoy defending
      Shakespeare. There ARE people who argue that there was no
      Shakespeare, or that he plagiarized other writers.

      And when Shakespeare's plays (whoever wrote them) were first produced, they were done so with an eye to the true fans--the groundlings, not the literary critics. Do you think Shakespeare would be as surprised as Tolkien to have his work taken so seriously?

      Most people don't think of Tolkien as anything other than a good or
      great or popular author. And I only ran into this "Tolkien cult"
      perspective in the last few years, even though I've been happily
      discussiing Tolkien and reading Tolkien literature for more than 20

      I believe you can thank the Internet for the new outbreak of "Tolkien cult" perspective (see the Village Voice article).

      But the movies will undoubtedly inspire the "cult" which doesn't yet

      It's being energized by the movies, but it already exists. Check out the message boards. The "cultists" are generally about 13-20 years old.

      Check out the message boards. It's already there! The "cultists" tend to be about 13-20 years old.

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