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  • David S. Bratman
    Jun 6, 2001
      I'm not shaking in my boots in fear at the prospect of grotty Burger King
      souvenirs, if that's what you mean. Burger King souvenirs, as opposed to
      announcements of them, have never impinged on my consciousness before, and
      there have been grotty LOTR-inspired (if "inspired" is the word) before,
      even predating Tolkien Enterprises.

      No, my amusement was at the juxtaposition of a plot summary consisting
      essentially of "Gandalf ... leads Frodo on his quest to destroy the magical
      ring that makes its wearer invisible, but at a price -- corruption" and
      stuff like the immediately following line, which reads "Both companies were
      typically tight-lipped about how much they paid to get Gandalf, Frodo and
      the Hobbits to come to 'The Home of the Whopper'."

      People who enjoy making fun of the handicapped might also be amused by
      reading advertising executives trying to describe the appeal of great
      fantasy: "It will really mirror the movie, it's all in the imagination.
      It's whatever you can imagine," and "New Line is delivering an epic film
      that truly delivers what made 'The Lord of the Rings' the phenomenon it is

      David Bratman

      At 07:34 AM 6/6/2001 , Michael Martinez wrote:
      >--- In mythsoc@y..., "David S. Bratman" <dbratman@s...> wrote:
      >> You couldn't make up something as satirical and self-condemnatory
      >as this
      >> article.
      >I'm in the process of moving and can't spend much time online, so I
      >can't recheck the article. But I think that's a press release from
      >New Line Cinema about the Burger King deal. I wouldn't worry too
      >much about what the press releases say. They are just trying to
      >build up media interest, after all.
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