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354Re: [mythsoc] [[mythsoc] Sales of Lewiss books]

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  • Stolzi@xxx.xxx
    Jul 10, 1999
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      Checked out a chain in the mall. Waldenbooks, I think it was.

      Saw no Lewis in the children's Intermediate section (which included l'Engle,
      so I guess was the right age group).

      In the SF section, two boxed Space Trilogies (& two or three editions of THE
      LORD OF THE RINGS). In the Literature section, one A MIND AWAKE Lewis
      anthology. Right next to it, a book whose spine said simply "Lewis THE
      MONK" -- I entertained myself imagining a CS Lewis fan spotting this,
      thinking "ah, a religious title by Lewis" and being well away with it before
      discovering it's some OTHER Lewis. (Matthew, to be exact).

      One modest bookcase contained all the "Literature" (as opposed to mere
      "Fiction") this store had to offer, anyway. I would not hold it up as an
      example in any sense; and I'm sure Barnes & Noble, or the local independent,
      Davis Kidd, would do better by our authors.

      Mary S
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