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  • Michael Martinez
    May 24, 2001
      --- In mythsoc@y..., Joan Marie Verba <verba001@t...> wrote:
      > McKellen answers his own question saying, "Not just to do the ADR.
      > The very opening of the film due this December was to be changed.
      > Its original prologue has been abandoned and the backstories of
      > Isildur and of Smeagol who both found and lost the Ring are now to
      > be told once Bilbo, the adventurer from Tolkien's The Hobbit has
      > been introduced. In Bag End, we will see Bilbo starting to write
      > his memoirs. Gandalf's arrival in Hobbiton for Bilbo's 111th
      > birthday party of magnificence now opens the movie just as
      > it opens the first book but it has been expanded to help with the
      > exposition. Hence the need for extra filming. A prologue, with its
      > stash of names and facts, can unnerve audiences and I am relieved
      > that ours has gone.

      The audience would have loved the prologue, and I am personally
      disappointed to learn that Peter has changed his mind on something I
      was told would happen two years ago. I knew there was always a
      chance that the prologue would be dropped. It wasn't in the original
      two-film screenplay, from what I understand.

      I suspect this decision will one day be greeted with the sadness that
      many of us felt when we learned that someone had convinced Tolkien
      not to include the Epilogue.

      Of course, I have a selfish interest in seeing the Prologue. It was
      the only part of the movies where I felt I could convince myself I
      had some influence. Even if the footage remains, it won't be the
      same as what I was led to expect/hope for.

      Such are the whimsies of the film industry.
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