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3436Re: [mythsoc] New Narnia books/Intro

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  • Diane Joy Baker
    May 11, 2001
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      > In a message dated 5/10/2001 9:25:43 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
      > icats@... writes:
      > > I wonder if anyone has heard anything regarding this item mentioned in
      > > week's Inscriptions newsletter?
      > >
      > > "The estate of author C.S. Lewis has decided to commission new
      > > based
      > > on the author's Narnia characters. HarperCollins and the CS Lewis
      > > are looking for established children's writers who'd like to create new
      > > story lines within the world that began with "The Lion, The Witch
      > > the
      > > Wardrobe."
      > >
      > Hi!
      > My name is Jennifer, though I usually go by "Niff" since there are a lot
      > "Jens" out there. :o) I love both Tolkein and C.S. Lewis, and have read
      > Chronicles of Narnia and LoTR, in addition to other works.
      > Anyway, do you think that a good writer would be able to take over that
      > of job? Do you think that the works will be of quality status?
      > --Niff

      Hi, Niff!

      Welcome. Just been discussing this on the Mere Lewis list. Most of us are
      very nervous about the whole idea. Of course, we can't stop the company
      (needless to say, those who strongly object will probably refuse to buy the
      new books), and we can only hope that new books won't be stylistically
      awful. Or worse---antithetical to the entire set of ideas Lewis espoused
      (i. e. Christianity and such) or infused with the modernistic ideas of
      "political correctness," which would not be CSL at all.

      This new opportunity would, of course, give Phillip Pullman the chance to
      blow up Narnia, though, which might give *him* a great deal of pleasure (if
      no one else). :/

      Some explanation might be in order here for the above comment. Some of us
      have recently read Phillip Pullman's trilogy, *Golden Compass, Subtle Knife*
      and *Amber Spyglass.* Pullman has made some rather disparaging comments
      regarding C. S. Lewis and Narnia in particular. He wrote his trilogy as a
      kind of "anti-Narnia." Hence the above comment. ---djb.
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