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  • Trudy Shaw
    May 9, 2001
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      Lizzie wrote:
      >I give up. Either most of the
      >people talking about gaming here lately don't play, or they've had really
      >shallow DMs.

      It looks to me like Wendell and Trudy may be thinking about computer RPGs
      while you're talking about paper RPGs, that is, playing with people not
      programs. No real issues of good and evil, and fixed goals are common
      problems with computer RPGs. I've never encountered those problems much
      playing regular paper RPGs with friends.

      - Stephen

      This is probably part of it, since it's the type I'm most familiar with (my younger brother makes a living by writing them). That's one reason I was careful to say in my last post that I was talking about "some (not all) games."

      I've also been trying to say all along--but evidently not very clearly--that the problem isn't with people who _supplement_ their fantasy reading with gaming, but with people who's only contact with fantasy _is_ gaming, and then think they can write a novel from that (otherwise, following the former logic, we couldn't watch fantasy movies or TV shows without "contaminating" ourselves). I'll even venture a guess that--possibly, just possibly--most good DM's also _read_ fantasy--but I could be wrong about that.

      --Trudy Shaw

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