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3418Re: [mythsoc] Another article on monkey's heads

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  • Trudy Shaw
    May 7, 2001
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      > Is _News of the Wierd_ weirder than _News of the Weird_, or just wierder?

      O.K.. you're complaining about my spelling of "weird," which I admit I do
      sometimes get wrong.

      Wendell Wagner

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      The only way I can remember this one is the little mnemonic device that "weird is spelled weirdly" (i.e., doesn't follow the i before e rule). Stupid, but it works for me--and no matter how many times I use the word, I have to stop and think of it. According to my spellchecker I did spell mnemonic right, but I just learned that "spellcheck" is not a word--according to my *spellchecker*.

      --Trudy Shaw

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