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3411Re: [mythsoc] Authors misunderstanding Tolkien?

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  • Trudy Shaw
    May 3, 2001
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      From: David S. Bratman
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      Sent: Tuesday, May 01, 2001 6:25 PM
      Subject: Re: [mythsoc] Authors misunderstanding Tolkien?

      Also, the best magic books don't have impossible things happen. Magic
      works by manipulating the laws of probability. See Diana Wynne Jones's
      _Fire and Hemlock_.

      David Bratman

      Gee, I wasn't planning on doing PR for C.J. Cherryh's Fortress series--but this is exactly how it works in those books. She also makes a distinction between wizardry, which someone has to study, and magic, which is innate in a person. Even those with innate magic, though, have to learn to discipline and focus it and--even more important--to consider the possible outcomes of their manipulation, including ones that might be very different from what they intended. The comparison to interpersonal relationships, which I didn't keep in this reply, also fits very well with this series (all four books have been published now: Fortress in the Eye of Time, Fortress of Eagles, Fortress of Owls, and Fortress of Dragons).

      I haven't read the Diana Wynne Jones book; thanks for giving the suggestion.

      Trudy Shaw

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