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341Re: Sales of Lewis's books

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  • Christine Howlett
    Jul 7, 1999
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      I have to admit that the admittedly few 'religious' bookstores I've been in
      seem to sell mostly very lightweight books. Most of them would be on the
      order of daily meditations and books from the popular TV preachers. I
      wouldn't consider many of CSL's books to be heavy - he was targetting less
      educated people - but they do require a capacity for critical thought. I am
      lucky to have a seminary close by (Episcopalian) with a good bookstore and a
      manager who is very willing to order special books. I've found some neat
      stuff just browsing through. Maybe some others of us are so blessed?

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      Date: Wednesday, July 07, 1999 10:31 AM
      Subject: [mythsoc] Sales of Lewis's books

      >From: WendellWag@...
      >May I change the subject to another of the Inklings?
      >Has anyone else noticed the following? When I was in a religious bookstore
      >little more than a year ago, I noted that there was only about eight inches
      >(maybe 12 or so copies) of Lewis's books on the nonfiction shelves there
      >there were a few Narnia books in the children's section). Now perhaps it
      >wasn't surprising that there were less of his books there than in a big
      >Borders that I checked shortly afterwards, where there was about seven feet
      >(maybe 120 copies) of his nonfiction books (along with some books about
      >Lewis), since that store was considerably larger than the religious
      >bookstore. But then I noticed that the copies of Lewis's nonfiction books
      >sold in a hip latenight bookstore/cafe that was only a little larger than
      >religious book store took up about a foot and a half (maybe 24 copies). Is
      >this generally true these days? Does Lewis not sell well at religious
      >bookstores anymore?
      >I remember that twenty years ago the religious bookstore next to the campus
      >where I was a grad student had a whole section called "Lewis and Friends".
      >Am I just not looking at the right religious bookstores these days? Or is
      >Lewis considered too difficult for the people who purchase books at
      >bookstores? Or is he considered too mainstream? Or does he not fit the
      >conservative political opinions of people who run religious bookstores
      >Wendell Wagner
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