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  • David J. Finnamore
    Apr 26, 2001
      Margaret Dean wrote:

      > No it isn't! UNFINISHED TALES is =not= the same as THE BOOK OF
      > LOST TALES (Vol's 1 and 2, which are also the first two books in
      > the History of Middle Earth series).

      Really?! Looking through the ToC (which, I admit, is all I've done) it appears to be mostly same chapter titles in a different order. Well, a trip to Amazon is in my near future, I see. My apologies, and thanks for the correction.

      > Ack! Nooo! Noel's book is very, very inaccurate. She simply
      > Doesn't Get It as far as the structure of Tolkien's languages
      > goes.

      Oh, dear. Inaccurate in word definitions, too, or only structure? I tend to use it pretty much as a concordance, so far. Do you, or does anyone on the list, have a substitute recommendation? This is good timing since I'm about to dive into really learning
      Sindarin and relearning the Elvish script. Any hints/tips/suggestions welcome.


      David J. Finnamore
      Nashville, TN, USA
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