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3379Re: [mythsoc] Re: Aman Lost

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  • Margaret Dean
    Apr 25, 2001
      "David J. Finnamore" wrote:
      > Lizzie wrote:

      > > Okay, while I'm on this subject again, here is what I know I have, what else
      > > should I look for FIRST? (Primary Tolkien only, I'm not interested in things
      > > like Master of Middle Earth at this time, that's a whole 'nother bookshelf,
      > > er, box.)
      > >
      > > Hobbit
      > > LoTR
      > > Tolkien Reader
      > > Silmarillion
      > > Lays of Beleriand
      > > something else... I forget what; I think a random Lost Tale or some such
      > The Unfinished Tales (or the Lost Tales, same material in a different
      > format by a different publisher)

      No it isn't! UNFINISHED TALES is =not= the same as THE BOOK OF
      LOST TALES (Vol's 1 and 2, which are also the first two books in
      the History of Middle Earth series).

      > is worth working through. I make regular reference to Karen Fonstad's
      > "The Atlas of Middle-earth," Ruth Noel's "The Languages of Tolkien's
      > Middle-earth,"

      Ack! Nooo! Noel's book is very, very inaccurate. She simply
      Doesn't Get It as far as the structure of Tolkien's languages
      goes. The other two are okay.

      > and Robert Foster's "The Complete Guide to Middle-earth." All three
      > are invaluable for keeping everything-body-where straight while reading
      > about the histories.

      --Margaret Dean
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