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  • WendellWag@xxx.xxx
    Jul 4, 1999
      In a message dated 7/4/99 4:11:43 PM Eastern Daylight Time, FrMacKen@...

      > I bought a book several years ago that I still love today. As I recall it
      cost much for
      > the hardcover edition, but I think it has more than paid for itself for all
      > interesting information it has between its covers.
      > The book: The Annotated Hobbit annotated by Douglas A. Anderson. Simply, a
      > rare and wonderful find.

      I'm not quite so enthusiastic about the book as you are. What's there in the
      book is good, and I'm glad that Douglas it, but there's an awful lot of white
      space in the margins that could have been filled with more notes. In fact,
      about a year after the book came out, I wrote the book's publishers offering
      to co-author a second edition and suggested some further sorts of notes that
      could be added. They weren't interested, nor was Douglas when I talked to
      him at the 1992 Tolkien Centenary. (And, I should add, it may be true that I
      wouldn't have been capable of doing the new notes that I wanted, but I think
      that someone would have been.)

      > Concerning the movie: I would be greatly surprised if the movie based on
      the LOTR
      > is good. There are just too many characters involved in this book.
      Hollywood will
      > not do it justice. I would have rather see them make a movie on a chapter
      in the
      > Silmarillion such as Beren and Luthien or my personal favourite: Turin
      > There are not as many characters and a filmmaker can do it without losing
      > Tolkien's feel.

      Come on, what are the chances that anyone in Hollywood will green-light a
      script that consists of a story taken out of _The Silmarillion_? Yes, it's
      true that a movie that would really do justice to _The Lord of the Rings_
      would have to be miniseries-length, but six to nine hours might be good
      enough for a trilogy of movies that gets across the main plot. Some nice
      subplots would have to be stripped out though.

      Wendell Wagner
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