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3288Re: [mythsoc] Re: CS Lewis in Christianity Today

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  • jen stevens
    Apr 13 6:20 PM
      At 08:07 AM 4/13/2001 EDT, you wrote:
      >In a message dated 04/12/01 9:36:23 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
      >jstevens@... writes:
      ><< I appreciate Lizzie's acknowledgement that not all of us on this list are
      >Christian. But I would reiterate, please do remember that you can be
      >religious and care deeply about these kinds of questions without being
      >Christian. And I do enjoy listening to these conversations. >>
      >I apologize to anyone I may have offended. I was just trying not to get a
      >"remember not everyone on the list is religious-whatever" smack... but I'm
      >not the most eloquent creature. I hear your story, though... you never know
      >where reading will take you! I'm never sure how to step in the discussion
      >this stuff... between the Christian writers who are very conservative, those
      >who many of us enjoy and who happen to be Christian, and just plain secular
      >fantasy... did I get that sort of categorizing right anyway?

      No need to apologize Lizzie :) I just saw it as an opportunity to mention
      that there are indeed non-Christian folks out here in Email Land that read
      Lewis (or at least one folk anyway!) I see a lot of threads that implicitly
      assume the audience is all Christian. It's quite natural and easy to forget
      that in a list devoted to Lewis and Lewis type writers. If the list would
      prefer to assume such in a more formal manner, works for me. I tend to be a
      minority in either the "secular" or "Lewis" camp anyway. Or we could say
      that there is a dynamic opposition between the "Christian" aspects and the
      "fantasy" aspects and happily problemetize away! (not that Lewis saw any
      such contradiction of course!)

      Incidentally, there is a former prominant Neo-Pagan who became a Marion
      Catholic in the last few years. So indeed, one never knows where reading
      will take one! I'm not done with this journey yet!

      - Jen
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