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3282Re: [mythsoc] Re: CS Lewis in Christianity Today

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  • jen stevens
    Apr 12 6:35 PM
      At 06:19 PM 4/12/2001 EDT, ERATRIANO@... wrote:
      >In a message dated 04/12/01 5:48:09 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
      >daeron@... writes:
      ><< The thesis is that Lewis has provided post-modern
      > Christianity with the finest example, not only of Christian apologetics,
      >of how
      > to evangelize those who are turning to neo-Paganism in reaction to
      >Naturalism. >>
      >I should dig up a copy, ha ha. Add to the list of wishful thinking.
      >Neo-paganism and agnosticism or even atheism are the real dangers in today's
      >age of exploring various spiritualities and religions. I mean, to those who
      >would like to be religious, acknowledging here that not everyone on this
      >subscribes to the Christianity aspect of the mythopoeic/Inkling hobby.

      Such as I. I was raised Evangelical Christian on a heavy diet of C.S.
      Lewis. Mr. Lewis and his friend Mr. Tolkien led me to an interest in
      academia and literature. Which to a large extent, led me to losing my faith
      whilst reading biblical criticism and post-modern theory; I haven't yet
      figured out what to find instead (I do wonder what Mr. Lewis would make of
      that :) I still love Lewis' and Tolkien's books and happily collect old
      hardback editions of them. I attended the Tolkien Centuary Conference at
      Oxford in the early 90's, wrote my undergraduate honor's thesis on
      narrative structure in LoTR, and am now trying to write a paper on an
      aspect of the Narnia books. I have long striven to work on both my
      scholarly and "creative" endeavors in the manner that Lewis and Tolkien
      did. Someday I will write those novels (and someday I will finish my Lewis
      paper!) I am a happy Unitarian-Universalist. And although neo-paganism
      doesn't work for me, I don't find it at all dangerous.

      I appreciate Lizzie's acknowledgement that not all of us on this list are
      Christian. But I would reiterate, please do remember that you can be
      religious and care deeply about these kinds of questions without being
      Christian. And I do enjoy listening to these conversations.


      - Jen, who is still amazed that she had to explain the crucifixion to her
      freshman English class when we read Flannery O'Conner......
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