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3278Re: CS Lewis in Christianity Today

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  • David J. Finnamore
    Apr 12, 2001
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      Wendell Wagner wrote:

      > I've messed around about writing the review of his tape, partly because it's
      > not going to be easy to write. He seems like a very nice guy, but it's not a
      > good course. It's the poorest of the 20 or so courses I've listened to from
      > The Great Courses on Tape.

      That's too bad. The article in Christianity Today is excellent, IMO. It's one
      I'll be re-reading many times. The thesis is that Lewis has provided post-modern
      Christianity with the finest example, not only of Christian apologetics, but of how
      to evangelize those who are turning to neo-Paganism in reaction to Naturalism. A
      recurring theme is that Christians fail to reach post-modern culture, not because
      we don't understand apologetics, but because we ourselves too often implicitly
      accept the Enlightenment assumptions underlying post-modernism. (Told you it
      reminded me of Mars Hill! :-) Another recurring theme in it is the relationship
      between art and the Incarnation of Christ. A lot to think about.

      David J. Finnamore
      Nashville, TN, USA
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