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3268Re: [mythsoc] CS Lewis in Christianity Today

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  • Matthew S Winslow
    Apr 11, 2001
      On Wed, 11 Apr 2001 11:24:13 -0500 "David J. Finnamore"
      <daeron@...> writes:
      > You know those enlarged quotes that are commonly strewn
      > throughout magazine articles?

      They have a number of diff't names, but the one I find most common is
      'pull-out quotes.' (I work in publications and while we /do/ have a
      conspiracy against the common public in regard to language, this is one
      where I haven't heard a common term.)

      > Zow. (Reminds me of Ken Myers and his Mars Hill Audio
      > Journal.)

      Do we have another listener of Mars Hill here on the list? Great. I love
      the tapes. (But we'd probably get chastised by our ever-vigilant list-mom
      if we start up a conversation here. Hi, Joan! <g>)

      Matt Currently Reading: The Three Musketeers by
      Alexandre Dumas

      "Sometimes I think a lot of disputes between people could be solved if
      everybody had
      to wear a lapel pin showing what they looked like as children. That way,
      you'd kind
      of feel sorry for them."--Chris Ware
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