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3267CS Lewis in Christianity Today

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  • David J. Finnamore
    Apr 11, 2001
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      The cover story of the April 23, 2001 issue of the
      magazine Christianity Today is "Myth Matters." The
      cover reads: "Wonders of Lewis" and "C. S. Lewis knew
      that moderns need myth if they're going to hear the
      truth." Written by Louis A. Markos (of whom I know
      nothing). Haven't read it yet; just thought I'd send
      out the alert.

      You know those enlarged quotes that are commonly strewn
      throughout magazine articles? Don't know what you call
      them. Anyway, the last one is provocative: "Do we
      really desire a fiction in which humanism and
      Christianity, Athens and Jerusalem, can meet?"

      Zow. (Reminds me of Ken Myers and his Mars Hill Audio

      David J. Finnamore
      Nashville, TN, USA

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