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32A fantasy book nomination

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  • Joe Christopher
    Dec 8, 1998
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      I have already sent this one to David Bratman for the nomination list, but
      I'll mention it here, since that's the topic for discussion:

      Sara Paretsky
      _Ghost Country_
      New York: Delacorte Press, 1998.

      This one has been ignored by fantasy readers because Paretsky is a
      female-private-eye writer, and her book--a non-series volume--was directed
      by her publishers at the mystery field. But it's the best fantasy novel I
      have read in several years. It's laid in the Chicago streets, mainly; a
      fertility goddess (I won't give away all the details) shows up a goodly way
      into the book. Christians will find the book blasphemous, among other
      things; I, as a Christian, agree. But it's still _very_ well written, with
      better characterization than most fantasy novels. I recommend it highly,
      but not for naively Christian readers. (I would think a discussion group
      could argue whether or not it's religious propaganda with some liveliness.)