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3111Re: [mythsoc] Re: article on HP and mythopoesis

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  • Wayne G. Hammond
    Mar 3, 2001
      Trudy wrote:

      >Start with Tolkien's essay "On Fairy-Stories" in The Tolkien Reader, which
      I'm sure is still available in paperback (I hope so, since I'm about ready
      for a new one). Then, in the same book, move to "Leaf by Niggle" for a
      delightful use of the ideas. "On Fairy-Stories," in fact, includes the
      poem which Tolkien says he "...wrote to a man who described myth and
      fairy-story as... 'Breathing a lie through Silver.'" The man he wrote it
      for was C.S. Lewis, and although the poem isn't given a title in the essay,
      it usually goes by "Mythopoesis."

      The title of the poem is "Mythopoeia". Only a few lines are quoted in "On
      Fairy-Stories". For the complete poem, don't go to _The Tolkien Reader_,
      but instead, find one of the editions of _Tree and Leaf_ beginning in 1988
      that say "including the poem Mythopoeia": in these the complete poem has
      been added to the volume.

      Wayne Hammond
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