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3095Re: [mythsoc] Re: article on HP and mythopoesis

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  • Ted Sherman
    Mar 3, 2001
      Also, read Lewis's Preface in the Eerdmans editions of George MacDonald's _Lilith_ and _Phantastes_, in which he discusses mythopoesis and asserts that MacDonald is the supreme mythopoeic artist.

      Ted Sherman

      Trudy Shaw wrote:

      > Welcome, David --
      > Start with Tolkien's essay "On Fairy-Stories" in The Tolkien Reader, which I'm sure is still available in paperback (I hope so, since I'm about ready for a new one). Then, in the same book, move to "Leaf by Niggle" for a delightful use of the ideas. "On Fairy-Stories," in fact, includes the poem which Tolkien says he "...wrote to a man who described myth and fairy-story as... 'Breathing a lie through Silver.'" The man he wrote it for was C.S. Lewis, and although the poem isn't given a title in the essay, it usually goes by "Mythopoesis."
      > That's just the beginning. The door opens wide from there, with Tolkien's own letters, other people's books on Tolkien's writing (I'd especially suggest those by Verlyn Flieger), and comments by Tolkien's son Christopher in the many books he's published of his father's work posthumously.
      > I'm more of a Tolkien person than a Lewis one, so there are others here who can comment on him. Of course, the only reason I'm sending this note instead of any of the other members here who could give the same info, is that I seem to have gotten to the computer first this morning! Others will add more, I'm sure. It's a fantastic journey that never ends.
      > --Trudy Shaw
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      > > Here's an interesting article on Harry Potter that talks a bit about
      > > mythopoesis. Nothing really new to this group
      > [snip]
      > > www.cornerstonemag.com/cm/imaginarium/features/muggle.html
      > Well, it was new to me. I'm kind of a newbie here. I'm no stranger
      > to the fictional works of Lewis and Tolkien but I did not know what
      > the term "mythopoesis" meant nor that they had coined it. I can see
      > that it's going to be something of a life changing concept for me.
      > Is the definition in the above referenced article satisfactory for
      > everyone? Is there a better or more complete one I should know of?
      > Where can I find a more thorough discussion of the idea, preferably
      > by Lewis or Tolkien?
      > David Finnamore
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