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3069A Party in Poole

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  • Stolzi@aol.com
    Feb 23, 2001
      The following is part of a description of a banquet given in the town of
      Poole (UK) to celebrate the peace of 1814, "embracing nearly the whole
      population of the town, without distinction of rank or circumstance".

      > "After the dinner, many loyal toasts were drunk, and many excellent songs
      > were sung. Amidst this vast concourse of people, not the slightest disorder
      > occurred, and about six o'clock the company dispersed from the dinner
      > to
      > partake of the remaining part of the festival. A select party of gentlemen
      > having got up, at a considerable expense and labour, a very splendid
      > collection
      > of fireworks, a field was chosen for the occasion

      Recalling very much a certain splendid Birthday Party in Hobbiton. It's
      events like this, I suspect, which were in the back of the Master's mind.

      Mary S