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3064Re: [mythsoc] article on HP and mythopoesis

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  • Matthew S Winslow
    Feb 22 10:52 AM
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      On Thu, 22 Feb 2001 10:14:12 EST WendellWag@... writes:
      > I think that whenever J. K. Rowling does a book
      > signing, she should ask the children as they come up to her, "Which
      > in the books do you think your life most resembles?" Anyone who says
      > "Harry Potter" she should slap silly. Yes, there are children who live

      > unhappy lives these days, but any child who gets to go see an author
      > and have them autograph their copy of the book is extremely unlikely to
      > one of those children. On the other hand, if a child says "Dudley
      > she should shake their hand and praise them for at least being honest.

      > Then she should slap them silly for having been spoiled all their life.

      So, which one are you, Wendell? Harry or Dudley? <g>

      In a more serious vein, I think kids probably /can/ identify with Harry
      in the same way people can identify with Frodo or Sam. Not that any of
      them have had their finger bit off by Gollum, or accompanied their master
      to the Cracks of Doom, but in that the travails of a certain character
      can resonate with one. It's the whole idea of empathizing with a
      character: you don't necessarily have to have gone through Harry's total
      experiences, but any child who feels he or she has had a particularly
      rough childhood and has been unjustly picked on can identify with Harry.

      Of course, I realize you ask particularly about resemblance and not about
      identification, so I'd say your question immediately begs the answer. /Of
      course/ no one's life resembles Harry's, but no one's resembles Frodo's
      either, for that matter.


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